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Department of Ukrainian Language, Literature and Culture

Department of Ukrainian Language, Literature and Culture


The Department of Ukrainian Language, Literature and Culture was established on October 5, 1989. It became the first Department of Ukrainian Studies in a technical.


From the day of foundation the department is headed by associate professor Olena Petrivna Onufrienko.


The department began its work with optional classes; Since September 1, 1990, the NUTU "KPI" has introduced the obligatory study of the Ukrainian language and optional - Ukrainian culture., The department has become part of the Faculty of Linguistics in 1994.

In the year of its foundation, the department initially employed 6 lecturers (today 15), who directed their work, first of all, to the formation of national consciousness of students. The first optional lectures began with an explanation of the reasons for what and why happened to the Ukrainian language, culture, history. They tried to return to the young national shrines, and among them the first - the language that makes the people - the people, eliminates spiritual serfdom. The special attention was given to language both on lectures and on practical classes. Later, the department launched several courses, previously impossible in technical universities: "Introduction to Ukrainian Studies", "Historical and Cultural Processes in Ukraine", "Ukrainian Culture", and of course, various levels of training courses in the Ukrainian language. The department has become a small island of the Ukrainian-speaking environment in a large, traditionally Russian-speaking university. Therefore, the lecturers responded to every request to help in the study of the Ukrainian language, to assist in translation, editing of technical texts, standardization of terms, not only with great enthusiasm, but also with joy.



The Department of Ukrainian Language, Literature and Culture employs 15 full-time research and teaching staff. They are:

1 professor;

7 associate professors;

5 Senior Lecturers;

2 Lecturers;

9 PhD;

1 PHD.



Today, teachers of the department teach compulsory and elective courses. Compulsory subjects are taught to students of the Faculty of Linguistics. In particular, these are:

Modern Ukrainian language. Ukrainian language for professional purposes

Modern Ukrainian language. Stylistics of the modern Ukrainian language

Stylistics of the Ukrainian language for professional purposes

Introduction to Romano-Germanic linguistics. Introduction to linguistics

General linguistics


The Department of Ukrainian Language, Literature and Culture is the only department that serves absolutely all faculties of NTUU "KPI. I. Sikorsky”. There are disciplines which have been developed for technical specialties at the student's free choice:

Ukrainian language for professional purposes

Principles of oral professional speech (rhetoric)

Culture of scientific and technical speech of the specialist

Language culture and business speech

Stylistics of the modern Ukrainian language (III course)

Ukrainian culture: the code of the nation

Ukrainian art code in a modern context and historical retrospect

Language in legal activity (for FSP students)

History of Ukrainian culture (for FL students)


New Ukrainian-language disciplines provide basic knowledge of the culture of Ukrainian speech and modern Ukrainian literary language in professional communication and professional activities. The study of these disciplines contributes not only to the formation of the culture of Ukrainian speech, but also allows to solve problems of social and professional activities, because in the context of scientific style studies special terminology and semantic and grammatical structures of scientific language.


General disciplines of culture are covered in the disciplines of culturology; conceptual bases of origins and civilizational milestones of Ukrainian culture; identification of national-original and pan-European vectors in the formation of national tradition.


Cultural and mass work among students.


Over the years, lecturers of the department have been organizing a student scientific-practical conference "Ukrainian culture: yesterday, today, always ...", which now has the status of All-Ukrainian.


Annually are held:

  • I (university) stage of the International language and literature competition of student youth named after Taras Shevchenko and to the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language;
  • Olympiad in Ukrainian for students of humanities and technical specialities - selection (university) stage of the International competition of Petro Jatsik


Every spring, lcturers of the department hold "Shevchenko readings" literary evenings, excursions to museums in Kiev.


Lecturers of the department organize visits with students of theaters and museums in Kiev, meetings with prominent figures of modern times, competitions, scientific and practical student competitions.




Website of the department

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