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History of the faculty

The Faculty of Linguistics was founded at the National University of Ukraine “KPI” in 1995.

The main direction of the faculty activities is to combine foreign languages studies with the immersion in the sphere of engineering and economics. The faculty prepares highly qualified translators of scientific, technical and business literature, who work fruitfully in different fields of economy and business in Ukraine. Having profound knowledge of two foreign languages, their technical and business aspects in particular, our graduates are indispensable for communicating with foreign specialist not only at different international conferences and negotiations but for work at modern international structures and joint ventures as well.

FL directs our best graduates to work as ESP teachers at all the faculties and institutions of the “KPI”. At interuniversity students conferences students-linguists and students-polytechnics approbate their diploma papers in foreign languages.

It is the absolute truth that professional linguist has to be brilliant in his mother tongue, that is why the department of the Ukrainian language, literature and culture fulfill the task of thorough study of modern Ukrainian language.

The educational process involves highly qualified staff of scientists, lectures and teaches. The powerful stimulus for the faculty activities was well-known programme TEMPUS-TACIS. Under this programme 50 teachers attended refreshing courses abroad and the faculty has received scientific and methodological works done by the staff and substantial number of modern books, manuals, reference books and dictionaries by foreign publishing houses.

FL has modern technical basis: multimedia classrooms, audio and video equipment, which helps effective professional education.

Foreign teachers and lectures are often deliver lectures and lessons; different activities with authentic speakers are also organized at the faculty. Thus our students always have the possibility of communication with foreigners to improve their foreign language. Some of our students continue their education abroad under the programmes of ‘students exchange’.
Financing of the education at the faculty is done by the state, by the juridical person or by the physical person.

Training of the specialist is performed at the…….. and extra-mural department on the basis of secondary, not-completed higher and higher education on the qualifications:

  • Bachelor of philology
  • Specialist-translator

Graduates of the faculty can also get the additional qualification of the foreign language teacher.
Human life is a moment in the history of mankind. How many engineers have been studying at the ‘KPI’, that is more than 100 years old? It was the experience of delivering foreign languages to the polytechnic students of so many years that built the background of the faculty of linguistics foundation. The faculty which meets the needs of modern life and has great future.

Дистанційне навчання продовжено до кінця семестру!
У зв‘язку з продовженням карантину в Україні до 31 грудня дистанційний формат навчання для студентів також продовжується до 31 грудня. Про це під час засідання ректорату 19 жовтня повідомив перший проректор Юрій Якименко.
Карантин 2020 в КПІ (22.10.2020)
22.10.2020 стало відомо, що у КПІ на COVID-19 захворіли:   1 студент ФЕА (18 гуртожиток), встановлено 2 контактні особи. Всі на самоізоляції в 14 гуртожитку.   1 студент та 1 аспірант ХТФ (19 гуртожиток), на самоізоляції в гуртожитку. 5 контактних, троє з них з підозрою, очікуємо на результати. (
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