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Scientific council

The academic council is a collegiate authority of the faculty of a University with third or fourth level of accreditation.

The academic council of the faculty is headed by the Dean of the faculty. The academic council includes the deputy dean, heads of the departments as well as heads of the self-governing bodies of the faculty. It is also composed of the elective delegates of the faculty represented by the academic and teaching staff with the proportion of the latter as high as 75 per cent.

The academic council’s terms of reference cover the following:

  • to define general directions of the scientific work of the faculty;
  • to elect by secret ballot the positions of assistant lecturers, lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors and the dean;
  • to endorse academic programmes and academic curriculum;
  • to organize and structure studies and pedagogical word at the faculty;
  • to approve accounting budget, faculty reports and transactions.

The faculty academic council’s resolutions become effective after the Dean’s approval and can be annulled by the academic council of the University.

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