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Conferences and Seminars

Every year all members of the faculty take part in scientific conferences of different levels: from university level to international one. At such scientific events they deliver reports, share the experience with their colleagues, improve their qualification and make new inter-universities and international contacts.

Among the most important scientific events, where the teachers of the faculty participated are the following: International scientific-practical conference “Languages and the world: research and teaching”, International scientific-practical conference “Man as the subject of intercultural communication: anthropocentric and ethnocentric tendencies in philology, translation and innovative approaches to the foreign languages teaching”, International scientific-practical conference “Professionalism of the teacher in the context of European choice of Ukraine”, International pedagogical readings(meeting) “Problems of the quality of upbringing and teaching in the system of life-long education”, International scientific-practical conference “Higher education in Ukraine in the context of integration to the European educational space”, Mezinarodni vedecko-prakticka conference “Efektivni nastroje modernich ved”.

Every year teachers of the faculty organize scientific-practical student conference where students from different universities and institutes present their scientific reports in English, German or French. Abstracts of the reports are published.

Every department of the faculty organizes separate scientific conferences and seminars. These events have the task to share the experience, to widen knowledge of the particular problems of teaching methodology etc. All the staff members deliver their speeches on different subjects. Among the most urgent tasks at the moment is to develop tests for students of different foreign language levels, completing language portfolio for engineers etc.

Faculty authorities invite foreign teachers and lectures to hold scientific seminars and to present and to share their systems of teaching foreign languages using multimedia means of teaching and self-education.

День відкритих дверей!
Шановні абітурієнти! Факультет лінгвістики запрошує Вас на День відкритих дверей, який проводитиметься 15.12.2018 за такою програмою:
День відкритих дверей
Шановні абітурієнти! Факультет лінгвістики запрошує Вас на День відкритих дверей, який проводитиметься завтра, 1.11.2018, в форматі загальноуніверситетського заходу «Осінні канікули в КПІ». Представник нашого факультету чекатиме на Вас о 10.30 в музеї КПІ імені Ігоря Сікорського.
Графік поселення
Графік поселення 1 курсу ФАКУЛЬТЕТУ ЛІНГВІСТИКИ