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The Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of the English Language

The Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of the English Language was founded in 2000.

Larysa Taranenko, Doctor of Philology, Professor, is the Acting Head of the Department. Tel. (050) 353-52-34, e-mail:

The Department employs 37 lecturers, including 4 professors (3 Doctors of Science and 1 PhD); 11 Associate Professors, PhDs; 3 senior lecturers, PhDs; 9 senior lecturers and 11 lecturers.

The Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of the English Language is the one that administers the students’ graduation. It trains bachelors and masters in philology under the study programme “Germanic languages and literatures (translation included), English as a first foreign language”, offering the learners full-time and extramural form of studies. The number of undergraduates studying at the Department amounts to 330 full-time students, 198 of them being trained on a contractual basis, while 122 students study by correspondence. Since 2016 the Department has been running a programme for the post-graduate students of the third academic level, namely “Doctor of Philosophy”. Currently at the third level of education there are 9 full-time PhD students.  


One of the priority directions of the department is developing strong quality assurance systems of education that provide students with a multi-level education that meets the standards of the up-to-date educational, professional and scientific programmes adapted to the students’ needs and market demands. The department builds the educational process on the basis of the student-oriented approach to teaching and “teacher – student” relationships with a focus on developing the learners’ professional competences as well as providing them with opportunities for their creative self-realisation, scientific inquiry, international cooperation and mobility.


Scientific research activities of the Department are aimed at a comprehensive study of various issues in the field of linguistics and translation, in particular:

- communicative, cognitive, cultural, pragmatic, energetic, eco-linguistic and translation aspects of linguistic units’ functioning in different genres and discourses;

- contrastive studies of phonetic, grammatical and lexical units functioning in English and Ukrainian;

- interaction of lingual and extra-lingual means in speech;

- sociolinguistic and pragmatic aspects of translation and interpretation of texts of different genres;

- characteristics of intercultural communication;

- neology and neography of the English language and corpus linguistics;

- pedagogics and psychology in higher education;

- methodology of teaching foreign languages for specific purposes and translation.


Scientific and educational potential of the Department is enhanced by encouraging its staff to take part in the scientific and research work with a specific focus on the research areas of the Department. Thus, over the last 5 years, 3 Doctoral and 7 Candidate’s Theses have been defended by the PhD students and lecturers of the Department.

Our academic staff and students participate in a number of scientific and research activities initiated by the Faculty, as well as in various international scientific programs and projects. The Department holds annual International Scientific Research-to-Practice Conferences and Seminars, All-Ukrainian Students’ Conferences, where scientists from Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia and other countries are active participants. The Department also aims at implementing new formats of conferences and other scientific events, which serves to increase the level of both staff and students’ scientific engagement.

Moreover, the scientific work at the Department focuses on publishing manuscripts, articles in the professional journals of Ukraine and in the journals indexed by the international databases Scopus and Web of Science, as well as co-authored with foreign scholars, thus enhancing collaboration between domestic and foreign educational establishments.


Students and lecturers of the Department take an active part in the ERASMUS+ mobility program with an aim of education and scientific exchange. Educational researchers regularly do internships in foreign higher education institutions (Great Britain, Spain, Poland, the Kingdom of Belgium, etc.). The Department continues to work on expanding the cooperation with the universities that participate in ERASMUS+ academic mobility program, as well as on getting new partners among the universities of European countries. In addition, the cooperation has been prolonged with such foreign higher education institutions as Politechnika Opolska (Poland), Uniwersytet Opolski (Poland), Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain), Vilniaus universitetas (Lithuania). The agreement of cooperation and students’ exchange was signed with Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (the Kingdom of Belgium).

The staff of the Department also cooperate with various foreign organizations, operating in Ukraine, e.g.: MASHAV (Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs); National ERASMUS+ office in Ukraine (NEO in Ukraine) and Ukraine-Japan Center of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (UAJC).

Lecturers of the Department are also the members of various international and All-Ukrainian scientific organizations such as TESOL Ukraine (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), BESIG (Business English Scientific Interest Group), Ukrainian division of IATEFL (Supported by British Council Ukraine), Kyiv Phonetic School, All-Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Ukrainian association of cognitive linguistics and poetics (UACLIP), etc.


Порядок дій в умовах загрози надзвичайної ситуації
Для доведення інформації лунає звучання електросирени – попереджувальний сигнал "УВАГА ВСІМ!" (тривалість звучання 3-5 хв). На території кампуса попереджувальний сигнал здій­снюється електросиреною (навч. корпус №1) й дублюється гучномовцями на вул. Політехнічній і площі Знань.
«5 питань адмінці» — Анатолій Мельниченко
У цьому випуску говоримо про початок освітнього процесу в осінньому семестрі, про студентів, які матимуть можливість очно відвідувати пари, моніторинг за якістю освітнього процесу та оновлення платформи «Сікорський».  
Запрошуємо взяти участь в просвітницьких заходах з фінансової грамотності
Національним Банком України, в рамках проведення просвітницьких заходів з фінансової грамотності для населення,на власній онлайн платформі «Школа з фінансової грамотності «Талан» буде проведено літній лекторій з фінансової грамотності для вчителів закладів загальної середньої освіти, викладачів закладів професійної (професійно-технічної), фахової передвищої освіти, студентів закладів вищої освіти.