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Department of Technical English №2

The Department of Technical English № 2 was organized in 2000. The department is headed by associate professor, candidate of pedagogical sciences Lavrysh Yuliana Eduardivna. Teachers of the department conduct scientific and pedagogical activities at 9 faculties / institutes of KPI. Igor Sikorsky, successfully teaching English to about 7,500 students. The department provides teaching disciplines "English", "English for professional communication", "English for masters", "English for scientists" at the following faculties and institutes.

The main areas of work of the department are:

• highly qualified teaching of English students on the basis of research and innovations;

• providing advisory assistance to students, preparation for participation in student competitions and conferences, for the defense of diploma projects in English;

• development of training programs and teaching materials.

The staff of the department is actively involved in the development of topical methodological issues in teaching English for technical purposes and improves their skills, undergoing internships at other leading universities in Ukraine, the British Council and American organizations for language education. The department actively cooperates with the graduating departments of KPI. Igor Sikorsky and related departments of other educational institutions. Every autumn, scientific conferences are organised, where students in grades 3-6 present their reports on topics in their specialty in English. There are also English language competitions among 1-2 year students.

 In the context of the impact of European integration on education, teachers of the department develop and implement curricula in accordance with the Bologna Process.

Teachers of the department organize the teaching of English, forming a high level of English communicative competence in students. Multimedia technologies and interactive strategies and communication methods introduced by teachers help to achieve the level of B2 language proficiency, which is the standard for a bachelor's degree.

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