The Faculty of Linguistics was founded at the National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” in 1995.

The Faculty of Linguistics specialises in high-quality training of translators being able to ensure intercultural professional and business communication in various fields as well as to perform high quality written and oral translations on various topics. Graduates of the faculty also can teach in higher educational institutions, perform research and administrative work in higher educational institutions of the I-IV levels of accreditation as well as in scientific institutions. During their studies, students acquire knowledge of fundamental and professional disciplines, as well as fluent communication and translation skills in two mandatory foreign languages. Much attention is given to computer training, adapted to the requirements of future professional activities. The faculty trains highly qualified translators from two foreign languages (English, German or French) into their native language and vice versa.At the Faculty of Linguistics students can simultaneously acquire one more specialty, i.e. the foreign languages lecturer at the institutions of higher education.

Dean of the Faculty of Linguistics – Doctor of Pedagogy, Full Professor at the Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of English, Zoia Kornieva.

In 2001, she graduated from the Faculties of Linguistics, and Management and Marketing with honours of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (at present – National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”), majoring in “Translation” and received the qualifications of a translator, teacher of English and German (diploma No. 17304738 dated August 1, 2001).

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences since 2006. The dissertation “Methodology of training future economists in English business communication based on immersion technology” was defended on October 5, 2006, in Kyiv National Linguistic University. She received the candidate of sciences diploma (DK No. 038858 dated January 18, 2007). The academic title of the associate professor of the department of theory, practice and translation of English was awarded in 2008.

In 2018 she successfully defended her doctoral thesis “System of professionally oriented teaching English to students majoring in technology at tertiary schools” (the diploma of Doctor of Sciences DD No. 000021 as of December 18, 2018), and in 2021 became a Full Professor.

The experience of Zoia Kornieva’s scientific and pedagogical work in higher educational institutions amounts to 21 years.

The main stages of scientific and pedagogical activities in higher educational institutions:

National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”:

  • 01.08.2001 – 12.11.2001 – lecturer at the Department of Management;
  • 15.05.2005 – 20.11.2006 – senior lecturer of the department of theory, practice and translation of English;
  • 21.11.2006 – 30.06.2019 – associate professor of the department of theory, practice and translation of English;
  • 01.07.2019 – until now – professor of the Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of English.

Contacts: Kornieva.Zoia@lll.kpi.ua

Scientific interests:

Z.M. Kornieva’s professional and research interests lie in the area of immersion, BE and EFL teaching as well as modern trends in English lexicology and lexicography as well as translation. Zoia M. Kornieva has published over 140 scientific works based on her research results both in Ukraine and abroad, among them three monographs, tree textbooks and five teaching guides. She has given talks at 90 professional conferences not only in Ukraine, but also in Austria, Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary and other countries. She is a member of such international associations as BESIG, TESOL, SLE, Societas Linguistica Europaea, All-Ukrainian Association for Language Testing and Evaluation.

Three post-graduate students have successfully presented their PhD theses under her supervision. In 2013 she became one of the best young scientists of NTUU “KPI”.

The candidates of pedagogical sciences supervised by Zoia Kornieva:

  • Yuliia Viktorivna Baklazhenko, dissertation topic “Methodology of individualization of teaching English professionally oriented written speech of future system analysts”, specialty 13.00.02 – theory and teaching methods: Germanic languages, May 27, 2015.
  • Vashchylo Olha Valeriivna, dissertation topic “Methodology of training future mechanical engineers in English professionally oriented monologue speech”, specialty 13.00.02 – theory and teaching methodology: Germanic languages, June 26, 2020. 
  • Hanna Mykhailivna Dziman, dissertation topic “Formation of English-language competence in academic writing in future military information technology specialists”, specialty 13.00.02 – theory and teaching methods: Germanic languages, June 26, 2020.

Methodological work:

The main methodological achievements amount, in particular, to the publication of three text books for teaching professional English to the students of non-linguistic majors approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

Printing and Publishing Matters, 2012 (co-authored with O.I. Krat);

Professional Basics, 2014 (co-authored with O.B. Tarnopolskyi)

Analytical Outlines, 2015 (co-authored with Y.V. Pavlovska).

До складу факультету лінгвістики  входять:

три випускові кафедри: 

The Faculty of Linguistics consists of three departments that administer the students’ graduation:

  • Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of English;
  • Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of German;
  • Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of French;

There are also four departments that teach all the university students the following disciplines: GeneralEnglish, English for Professional Communication, English for Masters’ Students, English for Scientists, Ukrainian for Professional Communication, Introduction to Linguistics, Literary and Cultural Studies, etc.

Department of English for Engineering No 1 teaches the students from the following technical faculties and institutes: Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management, Faculty of Heat and Power Engineering, Faculty of Electronics, Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics, Chemical Technology Faculty;

Department of English for Engineering No 2 teaches the students of the following faculties and institutes: Faculty of Welding, Military Institute of Telecommunications and Informatisation, Institute of Telecommunication Systems, Faculty of Engineering and Physics, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering, Faculty of Aviation and Space Systems, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Physico-Technical Institute;

Department of English for Humanities No 3 teaches the students of the following faculties and institutes: Publishing and Printing Institute, Institute for Applied System Analysis, Radio Engineering Faculty, Faculty of Informatics and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Biotechnology, Faculty of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Sociology and Law;

Department of the Ukrainian Language, Literature and Culture provides the students of the all faculties and institutes of Igor Sikorsky KPI with its corresponding disciplines.

The Faculty of Linguistics is rather a young faculty within the structure of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with its century-long history, but this is the first faculty in the country to have initiated training of the translators of professional languages. This was made possible thanks to the international activity of Igor Sikorsky KPI, which covers cooperation with a number of universities in many countries of Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

Students of our faculty study abroad at partner universities within the EUROEAST and Erasmus+ programmes.

A significant contribution to the preparation of highly qualified future specialists has been made by the lecturers from DAAD, namely: Claudia and Uwe Date, Henning Zeeman, Andy Hostinger, Lars Leckner, Anja Siebert, Anja Lange and many others, who continue to work with the departments.

Students majoring in French or studying it as a second foreign language at the Faculty of Linguistics, upon completion of the 4th year (bachelor’s degree) can participate in the “Double Diploma” programme approved by the “Agreement on Cooperation between Igor Sikorsky KPI and L’UNIVERSITE DU MAINE – LE MANS (France)”.

Every department that administer the students’ graduation has a library offering the students educational and methodological literature, professional periodicals and fiction in foreign languages as well as multimedia products (films, audio recordings of the books, lecture presentations, etc.). There are also rooms designed to help the students write their course papers and master’s theses, equipped with the relevant scientific and methodological literature, information as well as up-to-date technical devices.

The students at the Faculty also have the access to the Centre for Information Technologies in Teaching Foreign Languages, offering them the opportunity to use the latest educational technologies and translation programmes.

More detailed information about studying at the faculty, its benefits, employment possibilities of its graduates, etc. can be obtained from the following websites of the departments:

Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of English – http://ktppam.kpi.ua

Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of German – http://ktppnm.kpi.ua

Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of French – http://ktppfm.kpi.ua

Educational facilities at the faculty

The faculty is provided with classrooms, whose sanitary and fire-technical state meets the requirements, norms and regulations; the classrooms are equipped with computers and other office devices in accordance with the requirements of the educational process.

To optimize the educational process the following technical means are used: TVs, VCRs, video players, DVD players, audio recorders, music centres, satellite TV sets, projectors with a screen. The computers of each of the department of the faculty are linked into a local information network, connected to Igor Sikorsky KPI network and InterNet, which provides the possibility of quick access to the necessary information, communication and exchange of experience with foreign colleagues, as well as allows timely online connection with students and teachers and serves for informing them about current events and activities of the faculty. The update of the department technical basis is carried out according to the existing plans for the faculty development.